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Church Under the Big Top

Church Under The Big Top

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These are a further series of newspaper cuttings of the work of the Rev.Barry Fletcher in his ministry in the Church Under The Big Top.

Please note that these photos and documents were in most cases lost in a fire in 2002 when the trailer was lost though the caravan survived.

So there is no way to effectively enlarge there sizes when viewing them so as to read the print on them, so they are here to record history, rather than to be lost all together from the records. You may have the right kind of equipment that can enlarge them, if so I would appreciate anybody who could help that way, to provide back to us copies should they succeed.

Big Top


Cover Story

In My Church

Bonza Bliss

Bible and Big Top

Christian Among Lions

High Wire Chaplain

Performing Heart

Circus Ring

Circus Chaplain

Big Top Chaplain

Preaching to the animals

No Lions Den

Act of God

Soul Singing


Holy Yak

Life In Circus

Spreading the Word